I’m a creature of the night

tedxpict/ July 17, 2017/ Contemplations!/ 0 comments

I wait for the sun to disappear, hide behind the clouds and go below the horizon. The evening is young, as young as the morning. If you’re aloof enough, you could mistake it for a sunrise, or a new beginning. They say the nights are dark, and the shadows long, but I am a creature of the shadows. When the world has fought its battles and escaped from democratic cages (of the people, for

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Why me? Why not me?

tedxpict/ July 12, 2017/ Theme/ 0 comments

I clutched the question paper tightly as my eyes welled up with tears. It was the last paper of my tenth boards exam and like the rest of my papers, it had been a mess. Accustomed to always coming out happy from an examination hall, this was a whole new thing for me. With a heavy heart, I came home cursing my luck, a single question reverberating in my mind, WHY ME? Sensing my

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Mellow Yellow

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I’ve always thought, for a really long time that despair, misery, and melancholia worked like the three weird witches from Macbeth and brewed up concoctions that fuelled creativity in the most beautiful ways possible. Every time I got even a teensy bit sad, I made sure I channelised it well into words and to my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed even once. Poems, quotes and write-ups that would scream, screech and squall out the pain

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Our secret love for misery and what we can do about it

tedxpict/ July 5, 2017/ Psychology/ 8 comments

On a short ride back home from college a few days ago, I asked myself a question. “What would life be like right now, if I had loads of free time?” I could imagine spending more time with friends, maybe go to a movie this weekend and finish a novel that’s been lying by my bedside for days. All that would’ve been fine, but I also imagined myself doing something else – being miserable.

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An Open Letter from Us to You

tedxpict/ July 2, 2017/ Psychology, Theme/ 0 comments

Dear Beautiful Soul, I know you hate what you see in the mirror. I know you want to leave. I know you think that you do not matter. I know it is hard. Sometimes life throws obstacles in your way that are too hard to overcome, and it’s rough going through it alone. People can try to understand your depression, anxiety or whatever circumstance you’re in… but it doesn’t seem enough, does it? It

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All Things Red

tedxpict/ July 1, 2017/ Colors/ 2 comments

When I haven’t got any blue, I use RED. – Pablo Picasso It has been an old habit of humans to outsource their emotions to their natural environment. A sunny day on an azure represents mirth and sanguinity while a greyish rainy day portrays sadness and depression. One such element of the natural environment is color. Colors play a pivotal role in human psychology. We have attached a spectrum of our feelings onto the

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Life witnessed through an additional lens – Tetrachromacy!

tedxpict/ June 21, 2017/ Colors/ 1 comments

Eyes are, perhaps, the greatest and most wonderful gift bestowed upon us, the human beings, by our creator due to the fact they give us the capability to witness the beautiful landscape around us. Seeing is a ritual, a pristine ritual. It is the simplest way to pass time, glancing around at the ordinary things, wondering about their existence, which eventually leads into a train of thought. Many things that exist today exist due

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Hope in Despair

tedxpict/ June 4, 2017/ Hope/ 0 comments

One of the most enduring Greek myths is Pandora’s box. Legend has it that Pandora accidentally opened a jar which housed every cursed thing known to man. Disease, famine, war and so on escaped to plague humanity for eternity. However there was something else in the jar. It was hope. You see, hope is the one thing that allows mankind to trudge forward through the trenches of despair. Be it war, disaster or tragedy,

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An Ocean of Doldrums

tedxpict/ May 28, 2017/ Hope, Psychology/ 0 comments

The doldrums at the oceans or I’d rather call it an ocean of doldrums. It is obvious that both aren’t the same. In an informative way, we believe that oceans are a place of unrelenting storms, tall waves, gales and a home to perpetual vigorous climatic activity, however, it is not always so. The ocean can be as calm as the eye of a hurricane or even calmer than the windless desert. This very

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Memories from the Mirror of Erised

tedxpict/ May 21, 2017/ Memories/ 0 comments

TED and TEDx talks have always sparked my interest. I’ve always wanted to attend a TED event.Little did I know that the first TEDx event I’d attend would be the one I helped organize. My first TEDx event was as a team member and as an attendee-through-the-wings. I distinctly remember the first time I got to know about anything close to TEDx in college. Turns out there was. An initiative, sort of. It was

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