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Hey there, masked man. What have you achieved in your life that makes you stand out? Nothing? Nothing. Well in that case, welcome to this club called Mediocrity. Before I take my first steps towards it, I must let you know that I am terrified of it. More than that, I curse it, despise it. I’m just someone who hasn’t lived long enough to see the world through anyone’s but my point of view.

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Before the yes, and a little ahead of the no, somewhere between the maybes, Lie the possibilities. Will you finally muster up the courage to talk to that girl you always hold the door for ? Or will you bottle it up and throw the bottle offshore ? Will you submit to the rat race and the never ending grind ? Or will you finally choose to speak your mind ? Will you be

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Every once in a while the world needs to be reminded how powerful effective communication is. Words. The five letter term whose power I strictly believe in. So what is it about the words you speak, that make it so powerful? It is the force within them that had the ability to make or break you. Not just you, but everything about you. They heal; help you seal the deal. On the flip side,

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What Is Love

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What is love? Sometimes it’s an escapade, sometimes it’s a relief, sometimes it’s an adventure, and sometimes just a routine. Everybody has felt love at some point in their lives, it doesn’t have to be romantic, it can very well be something you just felt in the moment, for nobody in particular. Maybe when that little puppy on the street came to you wagging it’s tail, its precious eyes asking for a biscuit; and

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The Middle Children Of History

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We live in the most secure times of human history.                                                                    We are the most insecure humans. We have so many colorful words to express ourselves. We have so little of ourselves to express. Our lives have so much flair. Our lives

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The Rains

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And I grew up  to hate rains The joy of getting wet in the first showers, The bliss of dancing along the streets in the colony, The exhilaration to hop into the muddy puddles, The delight of seeing the streams carrying the paper boats, The scent of the soils, The longing for the rains, It all faded away! Here I am, I hate the rains! The insecurities rise, Lost times resound, Remains of the

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Who is a teacher? Paulo Coelho once beautifully stated, “What is a teacher? I’ll tell you. It isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give his or her best in order to discover what he or she already knows.” To think about it, we do come across a lot of teachers by the time we get a degree and start looking for a job. Even after we get a

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Sky above me, the rest following me Me at the top, below me lies the forgotten past. I stand below this magnificent beauty-uncovered, yes a bold me. Because what feared me yesterday is gone to dust, What excites me today is born with the same lust. The mild breeze brushes my cheeks I wish, My entire body, the gift of senses today I cherish. The higher I go the deeper I see within me,

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It’s funny how a single room, a single table and a single tree can be so much more than just a room, table or tree. The room’s air holds the sound of carefree laughter, melodies of broken lyrics, enthusiastic claps, giggles of the latest gossip and whispers of deep secrets. The walls have witnessed heated arguments, debates and steamy fights. The floors have been danced upon to the beat of the best music, jumped

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The Queen

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Gone are the days when she waited for her prince to climb her tower, When ecstasy came to her in the form of a flower, When all she wished for, was one dance with him at the ball, When “not being good enough” for him made her feel small. When her name had meaning only if it was taken with his, When she didn’t realize the meaning of true bliss. Now she builds her

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The notion of freedom that exists today has always fascinated me. Freedom today is hardly freedom. It is about choosing from a pre-defined set of choices, choices that go on to determine our faith. While it is largely dependent on the outlook of the person at the end of that matter, there are some things that appeal universally. So, when one talks about freedom, it isn’t necessarily about freedom, it is about the ability

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Living through expectations

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It is your birthday and a small part of your heart expects something grand and surprising from your friends or family. Well, the very nature of expectation and over thinking kills the surprise!If the thing you expect has not happened then it might not be very hard to notice your fallen face. I believe it is high time that we stop expecting and instead, be hopeful because while expectations lead to disappointment, hope builds faith

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Registrations open for TEDxPICT 2017!

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We’re back this year with more ideas to share! Register to get a chance to attend TEDxPICT and become a part of an enriching experience. Attendee registration form: Get to know our speakers here:

The Wrong Side of Things (Sarcasm Intended)

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The road that leads to my housing society requires people to take a U-turn, go around and turn left, adding a distance of around 150m to their route. Many locals, in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, have decided to use the opening here to avoid the whole U-turn ordeal. This has resulted in a net saving of rupees TEN* per month for every rider. It’s a mind-boggling discovery, one that could potentially

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Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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A fascinating thing that happens when you meet Sapna is ‘The Tatoo talk’. She has inked every possible inch of her body, right from her neck to her toes. It is not a surprise that people turn around twice when she is at social gatherings or when she is walking down the streets, receiving scornful looks. Right from her childhood, she has been hearing that ‘our bodies symbolize temples’. On that note, Sapna says,

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I don’t believe that it is “time” that heals everything because time could pass and you could still be sad, upset, or whatever emotion it is that you’re feeling.  It’s really you who has to heal yourself. No one else can do that. Of course, people can help. You might have amazing friends, family, a therapist, coach, teacher, etc who help you through tough times. They are just pillars of support. It’s you who

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Happy Independence Day!

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As Independence Day looms around the corner each year, patriotic songs and chants are blasted through speakers everywhere. An implosion of nationalistic pride takes place, with numerous tales of the Freedom struggle recounted. Obviously, when you were a child all that isn’t really apparent as much. Come to think of it, the most striking memories of this occasion were the flag hoisting ceremonies and the parades. Bellowing out the National Anthem was fun too.

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Remember being a child? The time of your life when you didn’t have a care in the world about work, assignments or submissions? Remember when you actually laughed at cartoons slipping on banana peels instead of questioning its real life validity? Each day was exciting and we always looked forward to learning. Inspiration was easily found and we dug our stub little noses into everything! But it’s around this time, i.e. the teenage, when

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If you ever think the city has lost its color…..

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If You Ever think the city has lost its color, Go, sit by the oldest stream feel your feet against her flow. And as she stills your mind, she shows you the reflections, sparkling, like the flipping of Shades and Tints of a familiar color.   Go, walk through its devouring market spend that last penny, on the little girl’s champa garland And, then you hear the tinkle of the too much metal of

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Common Syndrome

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As I while away my time, I feel the grave winds caressing my face. The sound of balls and chains booming in my ears. I am almost in a state of wonder. There is a feeling in my head that’s weighing me down. A feeling of burden. I have a sense of uneasiness and I feel pressure in my head. Who or what is pressurizing me? I don’t think that I am that busy.

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The Future Is Now

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“The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject… And so this knowledge will be unfolded through long successive ages. There will come a time when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to

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Digging for diamonds

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She saw a dream. A beautiful dream. Clear and bright, like streams of sunlight. So vivid, and breathtaking. Like discovering another dimension of being, another sense, or a brand new color. She found purpose. She sacrificed every waking minute, and every minute spent otherwise, to it. Hours were spent trying to put that vision into words, hidden in obscure pages to protect them from disbelievers’ eyes. She wrote wildly, hands stained with ink –

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Events that changed the course of history

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History, more or less, would have been different from the present had the past been altered. Every single decision, every single action, every single deed of the past has led  us onto the course which we are breathing right now. So, let us analyze the events that are responsible for the current course of the present in a chronological order. You will note that each consecutive event was the direct or an indirect effect

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Where is Everybody?

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Like many others, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of finding intelligent life in the Universe. I try to make vague guesses to fit into the Drake equation, which tries to determine the number of active, communicative life forms in the Universe; sometimes I speculate about all the conspiracy theories out there and check out the SETI website every now and then. The Golden Record mocks me – “humanity in a bottle in the

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The Connection!

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You are pretty With your smile reaching your eyes, And your eyes shining with a sparkle I find only in glitter. You are lovely With your laughter, Making my day A hundred times better. You are strong, Learning to grow on your own, And yet knowing exactly, When to lean on. You are different, Yet so strikingly similar, A friend, a sister, And in so many ways, A soul mate. -From your faraway friend,Divyajyoti

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I’m a creature of the night

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I wait for the sun to disappear, hide behind the clouds and go below the horizon. The evening is young, as young as the morning. If you’re aloof enough, you could mistake it for a sunrise, or a new beginning. They say the nights are dark, and the shadows long, but I am a creature of the shadows. When the world has fought its battles and escaped from democratic cages (of the people, for

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Why me? Why not me?

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I clutched the question paper tightly as my eyes welled up with tears. It was the last paper of my tenth boards exam and like the rest of my papers, it had been a mess. Accustomed to always coming out happy from an examination hall, this was a whole new thing for me. With a heavy heart, I came home cursing my luck, a single question reverberating in my mind, WHY ME? Sensing my

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Mellow Yellow

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I’ve always thought, for a really long time that despair, misery, and melancholia worked like the three weird witches from Macbeth and brewed up concoctions that fueled creativity in the most beautiful ways possible. Every time I got even a teensy bit sad, I made sure I channelized it well into words and to my surprise, I wasn’t disappointed even once. Poems, quotes, and write-ups that would scream, screech and squall out the pain

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Our secret love for misery and what we can do about it

tedxpict/ July 5, 2017/ Psychology/ 8 comments

On a short ride back home from college a few days ago, I asked myself a question. “What would life be like right now, if I had loads of free time?” I could imagine spending more time with friends, maybe go to a movie this weekend and finish a novel that’s been lying by my bedside for days. All that would’ve been fine, but I also imagined myself doing something else – being miserable.

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An Open Letter from Us to You

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Dear Beautiful Soul, I know you hate what you see in the mirror. I know you want to leave. I know you think that you do not matter. I know it is hard. Sometimes life throws obstacles in your way that are too hard to overcome, and it’s rough going through it alone. People can try to understand your depression, anxiety or whatever circumstance you’re in… but it doesn’t seem enough, does it? It

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All Things Red

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When I haven’t got any blue, I use RED. – Pablo Picasso It has been an old habit of humans to outsource their emotions to their natural environment. A sunny day on an azure represents mirth and sanguinity while a grayish rainy day portrays sadness and depression. One such element of the natural environment is color. Colors play a pivotal role in human psychology. We have attached a spectrum of our feelings onto the

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Life witnessed through an additional lens – Tetrachromacy!

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Eyes are, perhaps, the greatest and most wonderful gift bestowed upon us, the human beings, by our creator due to the fact they give us the capability to witness the beautiful landscape around us. Seeing is a ritual, a pristine ritual. It is the simplest way to pass time, glancing around at the ordinary things, wondering about their existence, which eventually leads into a train of thought. Many things that exist today exist due

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Hope in Despair

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One of the most enduring Greek myths is Pandora’s box.   Legend has it that Pandora accidentally opened a jar which housed every cursed thing known to man. Disease, famine, war and so on escaped to plague humanity for eternity. However there was something else in the jar. It was hope. You see, hope is the one thing that allows mankind to trudge forward through the trenches of despair. Be it war, disaster or

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An Ocean of Doldrums

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The doldrums at the oceans or I’d rather call it an ocean of doldrums. It is obvious that both aren’t the same. In an informative way, we believe that oceans are a place of unrelenting storms, tall waves, gales and a home to perpetual vigorous climatic activity, however, it is not always so. The ocean can be as calm as the eye of a hurricane or even calmer than the windless desert. This very

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Memories from the Mirror of Erised

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TED and TEDx talks have always sparked my interest. I’ve always wanted to attend a TED event.Little did I know that the first TEDx event I’d attend would be the one I helped organize. My first TEDx event was as a team member and as an attendee-through-the-wings. I distinctly remember the first time I got to know about anything close to TEDx in college. Turns out there was. An initiative, sort of. It was

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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How does she know where everything is kept? How is she right everytime? How does she figure the state of my mind just by my voice? How does she have a solution to every problem I have?! How? These are some questions which leave every child in wonder. Mother. The bedrock of our existence. You might be an independent adult with tons of responsibilities but we all know that the minute you have a

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Life In Technicolor

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When movies first came out in the 1900s, they were black and white. To the lay man, it was the wonderment of watching something move on a screen. It didn’t matter much that it wasn’t filled with colors – the joy was in watching the replication of the past onto a screen; over and over again. Eventually, shades of grey enhanced the existing black and white images. As children, our lives start off black

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