Whatever happens happens for... Aniket Patil

Once when I was in fourth grade, my family and I traveled to Hyderabad, for my father’s business meet (the company was paying for our tickets as well). I was pretty excited about this as most of my friends had been there and had liked the city a lot.

One of the major attractions in Hyderabad, back then, was the Lumbini Garden. It was famous for its spectacular Musical Laser show. And like all other kids (or even tourists), I was attracted towards it.

So on the second day of our trip, my father had planned out a visit to Lumbini Garden. As it was a laser show it started in the evening. Being super-excited I was dancing around in our hotel room the entire day. But then, as luck would have it before we were even ready, it started raining heavily. Coincidentally I had coughed once or twice in the morning; so my dad, being concerned about my health canceled our plans.

My expectations were shattered and I threw a huge tantrum. My mom tried to console me by saying ‘whatever happens, happens for good`. But as always I didn’t listen to any of it. I continued my tantrum and stayed angry at them for rest of the day.

Then around nine at night when dad switched on the TV to get a short glimpse of the news, all of us were left stupefied. A huge bomb blast had taken place during the laser show at Lumbini garden, at the exact time when we were supposed to be there at the show.

From that day onwards I realized one thing, in which I still believe firmly - “Whatever happens, happens for good”.

A sentence which gets as optimistic as it can get. Some say it’s not a practical approach towards life, but still, it’s something which has changed my life in the most impactful way.

"Stranger" Things Aseem Kannal

As children, we are often told to stay away from strangers. We are told not to talk to them and not to take anything from them because they might harm you. It`s not that our parents are paranoid to do so but it`s just what the world has come to these days. It is better to be safe rather than be sorry.

So my grandfather and I were wandering the city on his old Bajaj cub when a car suddenly came in from the wrong side and collided with us head on. Both of us fell but my grandfather was seriously hurt and I got away with minor scratches.

There I was, a kid of around 4 years crying aloud while my grandfather lay in his pool of blood, unconscious.

But there came these kind men who put him in a car and dropped me back home. I never asked for any of it but at that moment I sure needed that help.

To this day I don`t remember their names, nor do I remember their faces or what car it was. But I feel grateful and touched.

Learned an important lesson that day. Not all strangers are bad.

Changing with the times Anonymous

You might genuinely support people but they don't necessarily extend the support you are entitled in your times of need.

My perception towards life changed when I realized that the person I called as my best friend wasn't really one. I would do anything for her, not sleep for nights to make her feel good about herself, motivate her but at the end, I realized that all she used to do was back bitch about me.

Not only did I lose my best friend but I also started taking life in a different way - started focusing more on myself and ignoring the world.

The inner child in me died very soon as I started having a hard time trusting people. From an extrovert, I became an introvert. That`s when I started walking alone on a new way.